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PET Lid to suit Portion Cups 30ml-60ml

PET Lid to suit Portion Cups 30ml-60ml


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PET Lid to suit Portion Cups

Features and Benefits

Our Future Friendly Portion Cup Lids are made from rapidly renewable and all-natural Sugarcane pulp. Our PET lids are fully recyclable meeting FDA Food Safe standards.

These Future Friendly Portion Cup lids are ideal for all Condiments, Sauces and Vinaigrette service, including food sampling. They nestle comfortably into all meal packs with the assurance of a secure clear PET lid fit. We also offer a Sugarcane Lid option to complete the package.

  • Reduce your reliance on non-renewable resources such as foams and plastics
  • Increase your reliance on one of the world’s most sustainable resources, sugarcane bagasse:
    • Sugarcane grows so fast – compared to trees – it’s classified as rapidly-renewable
    • Sugarcane bagasse is a by-product – it doesn’t require a heavy investment of new resources to produce
  • Seal your cups with clear, recyclable PET lids or our matching 70ml sugarcane lid
Product Specification
Material: PET
Size: 60ml
Dimensions: 62 mm
Ctn 2000
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