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Fryrite 50 litre Machine c/w Lid

Fryrite 50 litre Machine c/w Lid


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Fryrite is an oil filter machine that filters & purifies down to 12 microns – dramatic extension of the life & quality of your oil

The Fryrite Filter Machine purifies down to12 microns – this means a dramatic extension of the life and quality of frying oil. This will save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months!*

This cooking oil filter machine is lightweight, compact, safe to use and requires no manual handling of hot oil.

Total draining angled filter tank base
Elevated corners to prevent build – up of oil after filtration
Temperature protected hose and wand
Drain tap for cleaning
High quality finish
Clamp down tank cover
Snap-on connector
Powerful pump to filter through tight filter paper and powder
Tank cover for protection against dust and dirt after use
Comes in a range of sizes including 35, 44 & 50 litre
total capacity models
Filter papers available to suit all models

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