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Rockingham Packaging

Confeta Patty Pan White #750 (500)

Confeta Patty Pan White #750 (500)


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Confeta Patty Pan White #750 (500)

Confeta Quality Baking Cups

HACCP accredited for over 10 years, Confeta is the leading manufacturer of Baking Cups in Australia. Confeta source and use the finest quality certified parchment and greaseproof paper complying with all local and international food standards.

Confeta offers a comprehensive range of baking cups in custom sizes with various diameter and height dimensions as well as an assortment of colours and prints.

Our parchment and greaseproof paper provides a superb barrier against moisture and grease, helping maintain freshness of cakes and all other baked products. This comprehensive range of patty pans, pan liners and folded cups, has been the choice of Australian bakers, cake decorators and confectioners for the last 70 years.

100% virgin pulp

100% natural greaseproof

Wet strength & slip easy

FSC Certified sources

FDA Certified food-use

Bake up to 220 ̊ Celsius

Block Colours impregnated with non-toxic tints

Non-toxic aqueous and soy ink used for overprints

55mm Base Diameter x 41.5mm Height x 138mm Flattened


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