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Sugarcane Round Bowls 6" (500ml)

Sugarcane Round Bowls 6" (500ml)


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Sugarcane Round Bowls 6" (500ml)

Features and Benefits

Package your products sustainably and responsibly with sugarcane bowls, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Plus seal your bowls with clear lids made from PET, that your customers can happily recycle.

Certified home compostable to Australian standard (AS5810) and industrially compostable to Australian standard (AS4736)

Reduce your reliance on non-renewable resources such as foams and plastics

Increase your reliance on one of the world’s most sustainable resources, sugarcane bagasse:

Sugarcane grows so fast – compared to trees – it’s classified as rapidly-renewable

Sugarcane bagasse is a by-product – it doesn’t require a heavy investment of new resources to produce

Ideal for salads, desserts and food delivery

Seal your bowls with clear, recyclable PET leak-proof lids

Some states and territories across Australia have banned or are planning to ban plastic bowls. Our sugarcane bowls are the perfect sustainable alternative. You can read more about the Single-Use Plastic Bans in Australia and New Zealand

Product Specification


Material: Sugarcane bagasse

Size: 18oz-500ml

Dimensions: 155 × 54 mm

Certification: AS4736 & AS5810

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