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Future Friendly Double Wall Bamboo Hot Cups 8oz

Future Friendly Double Wall Bamboo Hot Cups 8oz


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Double Wall Bamboo Hot Cups

Features and Benefits

Serve your customers hot drinks in cups made from one of the planet’s most sustainable resources, bamboo. The double wall provides an extra heat-protective barrier to shield your customers’ hands.

Compostable and certified to Australian Standard (AS4736) in industrial facilities where these exist.

Bamboo grows so fast it’s classed as a rapidly-renewable resource – in fact, an entire bamboo forest can grow in just a few years

Lined with corn-starch product, PLA, a rapidly-renewable alternative to regular plastic linings

Sealed with lids made from rapidly renewable CPLA

Choose from a wide range of cup-sizes, black or white lids, and uni-lid options for sizes 8, 12 and 16oz

Many states and territories across Australia have banned or are planning to ban regular PE plastic lined paper cups. Make the switch to our sustainable and commercially compostable paper cups. You can read more about the Single-Use Plastic Bans in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Specification


Material: Bamboo Paper + PLA Lining

Dimensions: 90 mm

Certification: AS4736

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